Today’s online world is threatening to businesses and individual users both. It’s unfortunate, but everyone needs to make the most of the best IT security if they want to keep their private information, and their bank balance, secure. This is particularly essential for the systems of business and larger organisations, who can suffer greatly if any piece of malicious software gets into their system.


Fortunately, technology designed to defend against malicious software has also improved in quality. Malware sandboxing is one of the most effective ways of defending against potentially harmful downloads and operations, and every business needs to be taking advantage of it to protect their organisation.


What Is Malware Sandboxing?


A malware sandbox is a completely isolated, safe environment which imitates an entire computer system. It can be used to great effect when executing suspicious programs. Not only will it allow the operator and other security solutions to monitor their behaviour, but it can analyse their intended purpose without endangering the full network.


Picking out the perfect solution can be extremely difficult due to the variety of different options available.


5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Sandbox Solution


  1. Can Your Security Solution Analyse a Range of Potential Threats? 
    – You need to make sure that your malware sandbox is able to detect and deal with a full range of threats. Make sure that your chosen solution can analyse a range of different document types, including archives (.zip and .rar, amongst others), Microsoft Office files, PDFs and image files, as well as executables.
  2. Does Your Solution Build Barricades, Or Take Advantage of Native Windows Security? 
    – There are several different kinds of malware sandboxing in use today. Commonly, these solutions will build barricades and create a fairly safe environment within which to run the program. The best programs, like FortiSandbox will take advantage of the native Windows model to run all untrustworthy files and applications inside a completely secure container.
  3. Will It Provide Contextual Information? 
    – Making sure that you have context regarding the malware attack is absolutely essential. You need to make sure that you have a solution in place which will give you a reliable, detailed report of every instance that will provide invaluable information about every attack.
  4. Will Your Solution Offer Complete OS and Application Stack Coverage? 
    – Some examples of malware are fine-tuned to only operate within certain operating systems and applications. Your malware solution needs to be able to catch even these highly-specific malware threats.
  5. Does Your Solution Use Collective Security Intelligence? 
    – Many conventional security checks fail to discover unknown threats. If you want to improve the accuracy of your system’s detection rate, then you need one of the most intelligent available. For the best results, choose malware sandboxing that uses cloud-based, collective threat intelligence from multiple customers and events.


Choose FortiSandbox, For Effective Protection Against Malware and Infection


Here at Nouveau, we are able to provide industry-leading malware sandboxing to help your business’ system protect itself from potential threats. If you’re looking for a reliable way to defend your business’ digital infrastructure against potential malware and threats downloaded from the internet, email or via a USB drive, choose the professional team at Nouveau today.


If you have any questions about the FortiSandbox software that we can provide, or any of our digital solutions, get in touch with our team directly on 0118 969 9290.