We’d like to introduce you to our new Managed Services offering: Solarwinds N-Able.

We always want to be ahead in our industry, and as a result we have invested in making sure that our Managed Services offering is class leading and second to none. As such, we’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Solarwinds N-Able to continue to provide you with excellent IT support.

Perviously, our support within managed services relied on multiple tools and remote control sessions. These siloed tools adds time to that crucial period where issues are being resolved and the remote controlling of the device interrupts both the user and their machine for the duration of the fix. We’re not saying that it takes a long time when we’re working with you, but we know that every second counts.

N-central removes those issues by seamlessley identifying problems before they become apparent to the user, which means issues are fixed before they even appear, keeping productivity high and interruptions low.

These enhancements to managed services allows us to stay ahead of the IT pack, and we know that we’re providing the latest technology that means that you don’t even need to consider your IT infrastructure whilst you’re working with Novueau Solutions.

Answering your questions:

  • What can N-central monitor?

N-central will automatically detect almost any IP-connected devices, and with hundreds of built-in monitoring services, it can monitor just about anything.

  • Can N-central handle all of my devices?

Yes, it’s used in a variety of establishments and the usage is in the 1,000s, monitoring over a million devices. We use the system to monitor more than 25,000 devices for a single client.

  • Can it remotely connect to customers through a firewall?

N-Central can monitor whether it’s a firewall or a roaming laptop, there are a variety of ways that allow remote connection.

  • Can reports be produced?

N-Central can produce historical data that can be stored, and detailed reports can be produced that can be shared at consultative and executive level.