So last week we had our match up event….

This was a strange ordeal. So we turned up all looking like lemons and standing in this pub not knowing what was going to happen, or who we were going to be matched up with.

The atmosphere was great, everyone was chatting away whilst we waited and people were making nervous jokes.

We were then called to a private area of the pub where the match up event kicked off. We were all in a huddle with our nicknames being called out one by one for our individual pictures and then our face off picture.

We had to square up to each other and have the pictures taken – this was a great laugh seeing people that were smiley/laughing, or looking like they wanted to kill each other!

Luckily we had some support from one of our Distributor’s Exclusive Networks who gave Dan and myself a cheer when we got called up!

All in all, we can’t wait to step in the ring and enjoy the night. Starting to get a little nervous, but equally am really excited.

See you on fight night.


p.s. Editor addition – together Jack and Dan have now raised in excess of £1,000 for Cancer Research – great effort.