We would like to welcome Ryan Bray to the Nouveau sales team.  We are very excited that he has joined us and in order to get to know him a little better we thought we would ask him a few questions:-

1)      Ryan – what attracted you to Nouveau?

My attraction to Nouveau consisted of two elements: the first was the people I met during the interview process and how all of the team share the same ethos of working with clients for long term success, and not just for short term transactional business.

The second element was, apart from the fact that the range of Solutions that Nouveau can provide is nothing short of amazing, but the depth and ability to deliver in-house. This demonstrates a real investment in people and a well thought out strategy to help our customers overcome their business challenges with innovative IT solutions.


2)      What do you feel you can offer Nouveau?

My previous roles in Service Sales has often involved wearing multiple ‘hats’.  My hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up and coordinated approach, working tightly with cross-functional teams has been an effective method in delivering client success. I am very versatile and enjoy not only the challenge of the sale, but also how can I help make our business run smoother and more efficiently. I have been an integral part of business improvement projects in the past and will be actively engaged to help the business grow.


3)      What excites you about your future at Nouveau?

Being part of something great! Nouveau has a long history of successful client engagements, and to be part of the team that can drive our future client engagements to the next level is exciting.


4)      How long have you been working in sales?

I have been in IT Sales for about 17 years. My passion for sales started when I was about 9 years old, and used to buy ‘Goody Bags’ of sweets from a local shop and then resell them at school for 100% mark-up. Business was booming until the Head teacher pulled me aside and asked me to stop as I was putting the school tuck shop out of business!


5)      What are some of your biggest achievements in your career so far?

I have run my own business and I have been instrumental in the development of a new Global Service delivery programme which enabled me to win back a very challenging (and big) customer which was really rewarding.


6)      What are some of your interests?

When I am not busy with my two kids, I love being active outdoors (I climbed Snowden in April and hope to take on Ben Nevis next spring). I’m also a keen and competent Sailor, taking part in the Round the Island Race in July, where we took second place in our class. I also love riding motorcycles (though I am currently without wheels 😢), snowboarding and skiing.


7)      How have your first few weeks been?

The team have been really supportive, and have not got sick of me asking loads of questions! Well, not yet, anyway!