Hello! My name is George Balaam and I started working at Nouveau Solutions on the 21st August as a Marketing Apprentice. I will be working with Berni to ensure that Nouveau Solutions maintain a consistent standard of communication both internally and externally across all marketing platforms.

My role at the company will also play a part in managing and updating Nouveau’s store as well as building rapport with our customers via social channels such as Twitter and Facebook.  I am looking forward to engaging with as many of our customers as possible online so please connect with Nouveau if you haven’t already.  I am hoping to develop cohesive templates across our marketing communications to strengthen the overall image of our brand.  Information on websites and on other external assets will be adapted to serve the needs of our customers so that our role as a business is easier to understand. I am looking forward to my future here at Nouveau Solutions and I am ecstatic that this opportunity has been given to me.

Thank you

~ George Balaam

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