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Endpoint Security

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Endpoint security

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Endpoint Security

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, businesses of all sizes face risk in the everyday acts of using digital technology and the internet.  Coupled with the plethora of devices whose connectivity abilities are growing more and more each day, it has never been so important to ensure that your systems have a complete endpoint security solution in place.

The Importance of Endpoint Security.

Endpoints are often defined as end-user devices on a network, such as desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, even servers are considered as endpoints too. Put simply, any device that is connected to an outside network could be potentially put in danger as it provides an entry point for a threat to find its way into a network.

In the past, it has been widely accepted that traditional signature-based anti-virus solutions has provided sufficient endpoint security, but that is simply not the case now as there are too many threat variants for anti-virus to keep up with and that is why businesses are turning to next generation of endpoint protection solutions.

By using software to protect their endpoints, users will be able to take more control of their network and the points that access it, as well as more effectively block the new types of threats such as ransomware that want to access it.

Real-time Protection

We are pleased to partner with SentinelOne and Avecto who are transforming the network security market. Offering comprehensive real-time protection; a multi-layered approach including behaviour detection, privilege management, content isolation and machine learning in order to mitigate the risk of a malware attack that other types of software wouldn’t be able to prevent.

The benefits of a complete endpoint protection package, are:

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection, From Nouveau Solutions

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