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In an increasingly switched on world, businesses are challenged to protect information from theft and loss whilst combating privacy, compliance and risk management requirements.

Fortinet Next Generation Firewall

Broad, truly integrated, high-performance security.


Next-generation SIEM, log management, network, endpoint monitoring and analytics.

Nouveau Fortinet Services

Providing the highest quality of support for your business.

Endpoint Protection Security

Security and freedom, striking the right balance.

Email Security

Our email security services.

More About Security

Every business, regardless of what they do, must have smart and rigorous security policies that provide the adequate levels enforcement and monitoring to make sure business is done right, and the management of data and systems is within the requirements of all relevant legislation, guidance and best practice.

This is not an easy thing to do though, the modern working world that demands mobility, bring-your-own device access and cloud computing, means that people are accessing sensitive business information from more places and in more ways than ever before.


Unfortunately, for a lot of businesses, security breaches as a result of poor internal security practices is a way of life. In 2015, 90% of large UK organisations reported suffering a breach, which is up from 81% in 2014.


The breach isn’t just an annoyance, the costs for a large company to suffer a breach can now run up to £1.46million.


To protect your organisation against security threats, organisations require an integrated solution to identify and manage high-priority risks across an ever-changing IT environment.

Nouveau Security’s comprehensive security approach is continuously refined and developed so it can provide fully integrated support that identifies, examines and protects against hidden attackers and defeats the likely threat scenarios targeting an organisations critical assets.


Our approach in helping organisations be more secure is to build a bespoke strategy that will allow a more secure approach with the associated inclusion of a layered IT security proactive defence.


Our aim within the security field is to create a solution, using our partners like Fortinet, LogRhythm and Avecto, and then provide a response to the solution that will allow you to get on with your day job without giving us another thought, and that is the mark of a good security infrastructure.


Nouveau Security Solutions Brochure

Nouveau help our clients make network security choices that balance speed, reliability, accessibility and security to meet their organisation’s needs. Download our brochure to learn more.

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