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Ransomware – Webinar

Ransomware – Webinar

Nouveau Solutions and Fortinet would like to invite you to our forthcoming webinar focussed on the multiple threats that businesses face from ransomware.


7th March


10am gmt

The average volume of attacks hitting individual company firewalls passed the 1,000 per day mark for the first time in November and recent statistics indicate that 54% of UK businesses have been hit by ransomware with 32% of them losing files because of the attack.

Ransomware causes business disruption and is becoming increasingly costly for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.  Instances of ransomware are set to continue to pose a significant security threat in 2017.

Our webinar will cover the motives, the economics and highlight some current ransomware campaigns and tactics that you should be aware of. The following agenda will be covered:

The following agenda will be covered:

  • What is ransomware?
  • How it can impact your business?
  • The economics of ransomware
  • Real world examples
  • How Fortinet and Nouveau Solutions can help protect your business