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Ransomware Landscape

Mapping the Ransomware Landscape – PDF

Mapping the Ransomware Landscape

When a cyber threat grows in magnitude by 35 times in one year, every organisation should pay heed.  This is exactly what has happened with ransomware.

Every week signals yet another high-profile ransomware attack (and that’s only the ones we get to hear about).   Hackers are continuously looking for their new targets and evolving their tactics putting pressure on IT departments to keep one step ahead as traditional security approaches are not sufficient in thwarting ransomware attacks.

Read our guide for an overview of ransomware, how ransomware operates and highlight some real life examples, it will have you up to date in no time.  In addition, the guide will provide some takeaways on how to protect your IT systems and data and provide some advice as to what you should do in the event that you are a victim of a ransomware attack.

Together with Fortinet, Nouveau Solutions will help you to uncover what is getting past your security defences and provide an insight into your current security posture.  You can find out more in our forthcoming webinar on the 12th October where we will discuss the ransomware landscape in more detail.


~ 01/09/17

October 12th 2017, 10am start

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