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The Nouveau Solutions Autumn Update

The Nouveau Solutions Autumn Update

Last Thursday, in what seemed to be the final day of summer, the Nouveau Solutions team gathered at the luxurious settings of the Easthampstead Park Conference Centre to allow the management to update the team on the company’s’ performance over the summer, highlight the amazing new website and the customer portal that is to be launched in the coming weeks.

The event started with a presentation by our Managing Director, Andy Stevens, and then the company was then split in to three groups, one would be focused on the specific performance of the business, one on the new hub and the final on the website.

The groups would then rotate around the room to make sure everyone was aware of what was going on within Nouveau Solutions.

After all of the presentations, we gave out awards to the people that were deemed to be the most impressive over the past month. Voted on by a committee within Nouveau, these are the most prestigious awards that can be given within the business, and it was decided that Alex, Augustus and Mark should be the recipients.


Once that happy activity had been completed, we all went outside for the BBQ, which was lovely and was enjoyed by all.


It was a fantastic event that has focused everyone on what needs to be achieved for the vital quarter that includes the run up to Christmas. With Nouveau’s new tools and refreshed focus, the organisation will be definitely ready for the challenges ahead.