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Security Upgrade

Southampton Hospital patient check in area

Security Upgrade

Somerset NHS Partnership is a Trust that has 60 sites spread around the South West, and employs more than 4,000 staff with a turnover of £158million. The Trust provides services from 13 community hospitals across the county.

As it is a very large trust, IT infrastructure and security is very important, particularly in light of the recommendations and reports made by Caldicott and Martha Lane Fox recently.

The Trust’s previous IT infrastructure consisted of a bank of aging Juniper Firewalls across the estates that the trust managed that were nearing the end of life.

As part of an upgrade programme, the trust had to find the best servers for the best price and created a list of preferred Security Vendors to investigate how the trust could benefit from Next Generation Firewalls.

Of the shortlist, Fortinet was one of them who reached out to their Elite Partner Nouveau Solutions to assist in the presentation of the security solution to the Trust.

As a result of the programme requirements, Nouveau Solutions identified that there was a requirement for rich security features across the trust such as web filtering, intrusion detection, anti-spam, sandboxing and load balancing all managed centrally, something that was very high on the requirement list.

What we implemented
Nouveau pitched to the trust the Fortinet Eco Security System which allowed the trust to explore different security options as it moves forward, specifically focusing on protecting end points and databases in a joined up way.

The information technology team researched compliance and came to the conclusion that the Fortinet offering was the best solution, with them being impressed with its standing within Garter and the cutting edge positioning of its products.

The completion of the project was in January 2016 and is working fantastically. The biggest advantage of the new installation is the single management interface that was installed which allows all aspects to be managed effectively from one single part.

Kurt Hanson, Information Technical Architect said, “We’re very pleased with the installation and the development of this upgraded offering. In addition to the fabulous single management interface, we were very happy that we could communicated more effectively with other local authorities, in a more secure and effective way.”