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Domain Name Registration and Rules

Contact Information
Nouveau Solutions LTD
Alba House
Mulberry Business Park
RG41 2GY

Tel: 0118 969 9290
Email: info@nouveau.co.uk


Domain Name Registration Terms and Conditions


See: Nominet’s Terms and Conditions


Customer Service Level Agreement
Nouveau Solutions operates a fully-managed domain name registration service. Please either email us at sales@nouveau.co.uk, phone us on 0118 969 9290 or send a letter to us if you would like us to register a domain on your behalf, or carry out an amendment on an existing domain records that you have registered with us. We will respond to all requests within 2 working days. We will provide a quote for all new domain registrations along with a summary of renewal costs valid for the first year within 2 working days. The standard charge for an amendment to a domain is £50 + VAT, per request per domain, unless alternative rates have previously been negotiated. Nouveau Solutions reserves the right to postpone amendments to domains, including their transfer to other domain registrars, in the event of unpaid outstanding invoices until these invoices have been settled.


Renewal & Expiry Policy
We will send an email communications to alert you that your domain name registration service will expire on a certain date. We will send, at a minimum, a renewal reminder 30 days and 7 days prior to expiration. If the registration is not renewed five days after the expiration date, we will send another renewal reminder notice. We will send these email communications to the email address that is recorded in our database for the registered name holder of the domain immediately prior to its expiration. We will also copy these email communications to the renewal email address (if different from the Registered name holder email) that is associated with the account that the domain name resides in.


Complaints & Escalation Process
If you are not satisfied with the service that you receive relating to a domain registration, please tell us and we will attempt to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
Please either email us at info@nouveau.co.uk, or phone on 0118 969 9290

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint and wish to escalate it further, please contact Nominet at http://www.nominet.uk/resources/complaints/


Abuse Email
To report abuse complaints such as phishing scams, spam and any other abusive email, contact: info@nouveau.co.uk