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The Benefits of Microsoft CRM 2016

The Benefits of Microsoft CRM 2016

Today, more so now than ever, keeping up with the growing needs and demands of your customers’ sales and the service they demand is incredibly challenging.

Your business works across a wide variety of channels across the entirety of your company. You really need to make sure that you make the most out of capturing the data to make your business a success.

This is why using such a tool as Microsoft Dynamics is vital for the development of your business, and we’re able to provide you with the knowledge and experience that is required to develop Microsoft CRM as a viable proposition.

With our specialist CRM consultancy on your side, you can swiftly build a great sense of customer loyalty. It’ll help you to engage with your customers across the entire pipeline, and will also allow customers to access meaningful information. This will also allow you to access the CRM at any time, online via whatever device you want. It’ll also allow you to create an instant record of phone calls, meetings and transactions.

The fantastic key parts of Microsoft’s latest incarnation includes:

  • New Excel templates that can automate many core tasks, enabling companies to calculate specific commissions, manage forecasts and obtain in-depth analysis
  • Outlook app development that can allow businesses to track emails, add contacts to the CRM database with whatever mobile device you have
  • Personalised sales documents which you can automatically extract from the database to make your business work that little bit more sparkly.


Our developers have a wealth of knowledge around Microsoft CRM, complemented by a range of other development languages, allowing us to assist in tailoring the solutions to meet your requirements.